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5 Questions with Rob Simopoulos

September 1, 2021

  1. What cybersecurity services does Defendify provide to customers?
Rob Simopoulos,
Co-Founder, Defendify

Defendify is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform made for organizations without security teams, usually under 1,000 employees. Our solution helps those without security teams build and continuously strengthen their cybersecurity by streamlining cybersecurity assessments, testing, policies, training, detection, and response. Rather than having to work with a variety of vendors and single point solution providers, Defendify offers a single pane of glass for overburdened IT administrators, which makes cybersecurity easier to get off the ground and continuously manages all while being cost-effective.

  1. How does Defendify’s online security platform interface with businesses and employees?

Defendify delivers multiples layers of cybersecurity that span people, process, and technology. It’s a SaaS-based platform where administrators can develop and improve their cybersecurity posture online through a web-based portal that offers a single pane of glass. And we back that with the ongoing support and security expertise, an aspect of the business we know is necessary and critical, essential when dealing with security issues and a competitive landscape that seems to be shying away from more and more from easy access and personal contact.

  1. What are Defendify’s 3 key layers of cybersecurity, and how do these layers protect customers from external security risks?

A robust cybersecurity program does not only consist of a series of technical solutions. Instead, it includes multiple layers that provide a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity protection. Defendify has identifier three key areas used to deliver cyber protection holistically:

Assessment & Testing
Developing a cybersecurity posture starts with understanding where your organization stands and where it needs to go for improvement. Defendify offers assessments and testing tailored to different industries to monitor and benchmark critical data security weaknesses and improvements. The results produce a series of recommendations to harden your organization’s cybersecurity posture further.

Policies & Training
An organization’s employees are often the easiest target for cybercriminals. Defendify offers a suite of training tools to educate all employees on detecting and handling cyber threats regularly.

Detection & Response
Defendify offers multiple layers of technology to actively monitor, identify, respond, and contain cybercriminal activity around the clock. Traditional network protection tools are coupled with proactive defenses- from automated scanners probing your network to data mining the dark web for your employee’s information.

  1. What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to Defendify as it has continued to grow?

Many great resources have been super helpful to our early success right here in Maine. The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has been tremendous, providing pre-seed and seed capital to build and grow the product and company at stages where others (e.g. VCs, PE firms, and banks) simply will not get involved because it’s too early and risky for them to. They also provide ongoing support and guidance through their entrepreneur-in-residence program, which brings exceptionally talented and experienced business veterans to the table for you to work within an ongoing capacity. The Maine Venture Fund is a local VC group that works closely with MTI to add capital and resources as you grow to seed and beyond. They’ve been great to work with, providing funding and business guidance. Then there is the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME). They oversee the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program, which stimulates the innovation economy here in Maine with significant tax credits and cashback to eligible investors who invest in Maine-based companies. Like so many other startups, FAME and the credit program have been instrumental in our funding journey.

5. What are your plans for growth within the next few years?

Defendify will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years, especially as a SaaS product in a hot cybersecurity space, tackling a significant void in the market by helping organizations without security teams. For Defendify, all roads lead to growth, so we’ve got big plans for continued ramping on product development, sales, and marketing to meet strong demand and stay ahead of the competition.

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