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First settled in 1771, the town of Fairfield has some of the most beautiful historic sites recorded in the National Historic Register. The Cotton-Smith History House and Museum is located at 42 High Street and is home to the Fairfield Historical Society.

Other architectural jewels include the Lawrence Public Library, Connor-Bovie House, and the Amos Gerald house. Fairfield, with a population of 6,700, is known as an important crossroads and is the point of intersection of the largest transportation corridor in Maine, U.S. Route 201 and Interstate 95. Along Route 201 is an “antiques corridor,” with several antique stores and world class auction halls. Fairfield is home to many thriving businesses and, with 55 square miles, also contains large areas of developable land.

The town has a substantial urban residential and historic downtown district, as well as several quaint unincorporated villages that contribute to its charm and character, including Fairfield Center, Hinckley Village, and Shawmut Village. Fairfield is home to Kennebec Valley Community College and the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences at Good Will-Hinckley. With all the recreational and cultural amenities the region affords, Fairfield is a fine community in which to live and work.