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Trade + Contract Logistics


CMGC creates cost- and time-efficiencies within import-export logistics and works with you to secure government procurement contracts.

Government Procurement Contracts + Financing Services

• Government contract identification and analysis
• Assistance with government contract proposal preparation
• Identification of federal R&D funding opportunities and assistance through application and post-award
• Analysis of, and assistance with, federal, state, and local regulations and specifications

Trade and Logistics Services

• U.S. Customs and HLS + trade compliance
• Tariff and duty compliance
• Supply chain and logistics analysis
Foreign Trade Zone #186
• Foreign Direct Investment

 CMGC Technical Assistance Team

To maximize cost- and time-efficiencies and produce successful contract bids, CMGC coordinates with several state and federal agencies, including but not limited to:

Port of Searsport, within the jurisdiction of FTZ #186

Maine International Trade Center
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. Small Business Association
• State of Maine legislative delegates
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Maine Port Authority

Universal CMGC Features

Across all CMGC services, clients may take advantage of the following:

• Media relations and communications
• Governmental affairs
• One-on-one consultation with confidentiality
• Timely, efficient, and collaborative service

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