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Millennial Leaders in Mid-Maine

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About the Project

The revitalization of Waterville has been spurred by multi-million dollar investments by large institutions like Colby College and North River Company. Their vision and capital transformed the vacant lots of this riverside city, bringing people to the downtown district and former mill buildings. New businesses followed. Yet, there is a lesser-known, hardworking group of millennial leaders who have invested their own time, energy, and capital to ensure the sustained vibrance of their city.

The “Millennials Investing in Mid-Maine Project” developed by Central Maine Growth Council (CMGC) profiles several millennial leaders in their respective fields, including real estate development, culinary, arts and culture, technology, and community engagement. With their leadership, the revitalization of Waterville retains authenticity and sustainability. It is a movement bolstered by locals who want to see their community thrive and are willing to put capital and sweat equity into realizing that vision. They are in it for the long-term, creating a better city for future generations to enjoy.

This platform allows you to engage with mid-Maine’s millennial leaders by reading about their impact, delving deeper into their individual interviews, and exploring a wide array of the projects that are contributing to the region’s growth.

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