"It's our future, let's build it together"

Development Partners

Kennebec Valley Council of Governments (KVCOG)
KVCOG is a municipal services corporation owned and operated by and for the benefit of its members. KVCOG helps its members to deliver cost effective and efficient municipal services, to create a more stable, growing, and diversified regional economy, to improve transportation and communication, and to preserve our natural environment through conservation of resources and wise land use planning and decision-making.


Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce 

Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce is an independent, 700+ member supported organization that is dedicated to:

  • Promoting and protecting the free enterprise system
  • Enhancing the economic growth and well-being of its members and the region
  • Providing membership value to those it serves the Chamber’s Program of Work currently focuses on business attraction and retention, business advocacy and marketing.


Kennebec Region Development Authority
The Kennebec Region Development Authority (KRDA) was created to plan and execute the development of FirstPark, Maine’s premier business and technology center.

The KRDA is comprised of 24 local communities that have committed to share costs and revenues for the FirstPark development, whereby all costs and eventual tax revenue are shared in proportion to each city or town’s total valuation.


Somerset Economic Development Corporation
Somerset Economic Development Corporation is incorporated as a 501c (3) non-profit economic development organization. Its mission is to implement its comprehensive economic development strategy for Somerset County. The mission is to undertake an economic development strategy to improve the economic condition and quality of life for all residents of Somerset County. It seeks to achieve this through collaboration of our businesses, communities, educational institutions and involved residents.


Maine & Company
Maine Company is a private, non-profit corporation which is a separate entity from the state. Its staff provides free and confidential services to companies locating to or growing in Maine. Services include real estate site searches, data collection and analysis, incentives identification and valuation, site visit coordination, and financing coordination.


Waterville Development Corporation

Mike Roy, (207) 680-4204

The Waterville Development Corporation’s mission is to actively promote the creation of new, permanent jobs, through the development of facilities and properties (real estate) to house new or expanded business operations.