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Oakland Broadband & Technology Committee (OBTC)

In December 2018, the Town of Oakland received $15,000 in grant funding from the Maine Community Foundation to explore the potential extension of its current broadband infrastructure into downtown. The Oakland Broadband & Technology Committee (OBTC) was tasked with mapping and analyzing potential extension routes and to recommend the best financial model for the extension.

To carry out our mission effectively, OBTC needs the input of Oakland residents and business owners. By identifying the current and future technological needs of Oakland consumers, OBTC can advocate for internet service models that best serve you. Please consider taking our brief take-rate survey to incorporate your voice into our committee’s recommendations.

Why Is Broadband Important?

Broadband internet, a high-speed, high-capacity network, provides several community benefits:
•A sustained high quality of life
•More efficient, cost-effective operations for local businesses
•Attracts new businesses to downtown district
•Supports tele-medicine programs

As well, OBTC’s work prepares the Town of Oakland for state/federal grant funding opportunities.

How to Get Involved

Any Oakland resident, business owner, or property owner is welcome to lend their input to the Oakland Broadband & Technology Committee (OBTC).

Ways to get involved:
Take our brief take-rate survey
•Attend a public meeting
•Stay updated on meeting minutes (below)

Thank you for your interest.

About OBTC

Mission: To plan for the current and future technology needs of Oakland consumers.
Objective: to map existing broadband infrastructure, identify key gaps within the Town of Oakland’s downtown district, and determine the appropriate financial model for expansion.
Members: See roster here.

Meeting Materials

•February 2019: Meeting #1
•May 2019: Meeting #2
•July 2019: Meeting #3
•September 2019: Upcoming (9/19)
•December 2019: Upcoming (12/5)
All meetings are held in the Cascade Room of the Oakland Police Dept. at 1:30pm.

Supplemental Materials & Resources

2018 Maine Community Foundation Broadband Grant Program

Connect ME Authority

Rural broadband analysis

•Several Maine communities are exploring ways to bring broadband to their consumers. While their approaches may be different than Oakland’s, they provide a useful comparison and best practices: Alton | Baileyville/CalaisEllsworth | Orono/Old TownSanford

Thanks to the Maine Community Foundation for their support of this project.


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