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PR: Dirigo Labs Hires Mufaddal Ali as Project Management Specialist

April 2, 2024

New Position to Prioritize Tracking Impact and Outcomes of Accelerator Companies

Waterville, ME 4/2/2024 – Dirigo Labs is pleased to announce the addition of Mufaddal to its team as the Project Management Specialist. In this new role, Mufaddal will be instrumental in fortifying the accelerator program’s impact by overseeing outcome and impact metrics for cohort companies while providing invaluable insights into their developmental trajectories.

A 2021 graduate of Colby College, Mufaddal brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for entrepreneurship to Dirigo Labs. His previous experience as a data scientist for Lincoln Financial Group will inform Dirigo Labs’ tracking and measuring of key outcome metrics, assessing the impact of entrepreneurial activities, and identifying growth opportunities for the accelerator program. Mufaddal is also the co-founder of Pair Technologies, a Maine-based startup company that aims to make computing more accessible, comfortable and repairable, ensuring that technology is designed for human use and reuse – not for landfills.

“We are delighted to welcome Mufaddal to the Dirigo Labs team,” said Dirigo Labs Program Manager Emalee Hall. “Mufaddal’s role as a liaison with Colby College and the Halloran Lab for Entrepreneurship further strengthens our ties with our local resource and educational partners, ensuring a rich and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Funded in conjunction with Colby College as part of CMGC’s Dirigo Labs initiative, Mufaddal will actively engage with cohort companies to understand their unique needs, challenges, and growth aspirations. By fostering open communication and collaborative relationships, Mufaddal aims to tailor the accelerator program to address specific entrepreneurial objectives, ensuring a customized and impactful experience for each startup within the Dirigo Labs ecosystem.

“By harnessing the power of data-driven outcomes, I am excited to contribute to the success stories of aspiring startups, guiding them toward their full potential and fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and growth,” states Mufaddal. “I am passionate about leveraging actionable insights to not only fuel the success stories of aspiring startups but also to empower them with strategic guidance, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for innovation and sustainable growth here in downtown Waterville.” 

About Dirigo Labs: 
Dirigo Labs is a regional startup accelerator based in Waterville, Maine. With a mission to grow mid-Maine’s digital economy by supporting entrepreneurs who are building innovation-based companies, the Dirigo Labs ecosystem brings together people, resources, and organizations to ensure the successful launch of new startups. Dirigo Labs operates under Central Maine Growth Council and is supported by several organizations, academic institutions, and investment firms. For more information, please visit www.dirigolabs.org

Last modified: April 2, 2024

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