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PR: Town of Fairfield Conducts Survey to Redevelop Mill Island Park

November 7, 2022

Fairfield, ME 11/7/2022 – The Town of Fairfield’s Economic and Community Development Committee (FECDC) has created a variety of surveys to assist with the redevelopment of Mill Island Park. Divided into six (6) separate surveys, residents and community members are able to provide valuable public input and insight as to how they would like to see the public park enhanced. 

“Mill Island Park is a truly unique urban, island waterfront park with direct proximity to the downtown. With historical features that represent the town’s industrial and commercial past, today the park showcases the town’s stunning riverfront natural resources,“ elaborates Fairfield Town Manager Michelle Flewelling. “The committee will have the opportunity to hear from the general public as to how certain areas of the Island should be reimagined, improved, or protected; I look forward to seeing how the Town can move this project forward in a meaningful and impactful manner.”

Separated into six (6) separate surveys, the Mill Island Park Zone Surveys correspond with six (6) areas or planning zones across Mill Island Park. Each survey will allow respondents the opportunity to provide feedback on recreational activities, open space planning, historical preservation, park amenities, and give unique and open-ended feedback as to the future goals and objectives FECDC should prioritize when making recommendations for park enhancements.  

“Within the view corridor and walking distance to the downtown, the community has a rich opportunity to make significant improvements to one of its greatest public spaces, open up waterfront enjoyment and public access to the community, while marrying the project to downtown redevelopment initiatives,” explains Central Maine Growth Council’s Director of Innovation, Planning, and Economic Development Garvan Donegan. “The Mill Island Park Zone survey aims to collect and reflect the public’s collective goals for Mill Island Park and will inform short- and long-term growth strategies.

Each survey is available in an online format and may be accessed by utilizing QR codes that are physically located within the applicable zones on-site at Mill Island Park. Upon visiting the park, residents and visitors may scan the digital code in the marked Zone to access the survey, which offers five open-ended questions. Zones represented throughout Mill Island Park include the Mill Island Park Gateway, Mill Island Park Commons, Mill Island Historic Area, Mill Island Point, Mill Island West Waterfront, and Mill Island East Waterfront. 

Responses will be collected until Friday, December 2. For more information on the Mill Island Park Zone Surveys, including instructions for accessing a paper copy of the survey, please visit www.fairfieldme.com or email mflewelling@fairfieldme.com

About the Fairfield Economic and Community Development Committee (FECDC)

The Economic and Community Development Advisory Committee is a “citizens” committee with open membership to all Fairfield residents, business owners, and educators who have a vested interest in community development. Meetings are open to the public, and the committee typically meets monthly at the Fairfield Community Center; go to Fairfield’s online calendar of events for a meeting schedule.

Last modified: November 7, 2022

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