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PR: Waterville Startup Eariously Receives Two Funding Awards to Accelerate Operational Growth

December 18, 2019

WATERVILLE, ME – Eariously, a software startup based in Waterville, ME, has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Libra Foundation’s Libra Future Fund (LFF) to continue working with software design and development engineers in order to accelerate the company’s subscription growth. In addition, the startup recently won the Big Gig pitch competition, receiving both funding and the opportunity to compete in the Big Gig finale in April 2020.

Eariously is an iPhone app that turns digital pages into audio so users can listen to the news, blogs, and articles they want to read. Founders Nick Rimsa and Brendan Barr were motivated to create the innovative software in 2018 because they were sharing so many articles with each other that they didn’t have time to read all of them, but realized that they had plenty of time to listen during their respective commutes. With the LFF funding opportunity, Eariously plans to advance its product development in partnership with designers Ruth Lin and Kia Jones, as well as the Turtle Technologies software development team.

“We’re delighted and thankful for the early positive feedback we’ve garnered from our listeners,” explains Nick Rimsa, CEO and co-creator of Eariously. “Yet, our focus is to keep improving what we’re offering, so we’re thrilled that this funding allows us to expand the scope of our brilliant teammates.”

Based in Waterville since January 2018, the Eariously team’s continuous research has guided the startup’s progress to design an ideal listening experience of material that is ordinarily read. In November 2019, Eariously launched its subscription service to a select group of waitlist members and Waterville-area locals; these first listeners have offered vital feedback and acclaim on the new product.

“I have been listening to Eariously, and I cannot stop talking about how awesome it is,” explains Katie Luce, a Skowhegan resident and Community Events Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, “Eariously has revolutionized my content consumption by letting me listen to articles about Alzheimer’s research while I’m driving. I can’t wait to see the continuing evolution of this incredible product.”

“This continues to be a transformative year for Eariously and Waterville’s startup community, and we are thrilled for the continued momentum,” explains Garvan Donegan, Director of Planning and Economic Development for Central Maine Growth Council. “If you look around the downtown district these days, we have startups pitching, competitive funding opportunities being secured, new ventures and facilities emerging, and industry, government, academia, and philanthropy all engaging in the ecosystems that we are building. In particular, such local investments, paired with talented entrepreneurs, allows us to accelerate our strategy and development of growing and transforming the local innovation economy. Closing out 2019, Eariously is projected to have a robust and productive Q1 in store.”

As the Eariously team refines its initial product offering and broadens the launch of its subscription service, it plans to continue growing in Waterville and formalizing partnerships with institutions in the city and throughout Maine that will help distribute its software to more listeners. Readers interested in trying Eariously can start listening for free at Eariously.com.

About Eariously

Eariously is a software startup based in Waterville, ME that turns digital pages into audio, so that you can listen to the news, blogs, and articles you like to read. Eariously has focused on developing software for busy commuters, who want to consume more information but don’t have the time to read it. Eariously was founded and is operated by Nick Rimsa, CEO and Colby ‘13 graduate, and Brendan Barr, CTO. The company is located in Bricks Coworking & Innovation Space in Waterville, ME.

Last modified: December 18, 2019

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