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Central Maine Growth Council Launches First-of-its-Kind Maine Virtual Job Fair for May 7

April 18, 2019

WATERVILLE, ME, April 18, 2019 – Central Maine Growth Council is piloting a new format to connect employers with job-seekers and graduating students.

The Maine Virtual Job Fair, a project of the Central Maine Growth Council, uses a video chat platform to mirror the interactive aspect of traditional job fairs while eliminating the inconveniences of traveling to a physical location.

“Without transportation, geography, climate, or time barriers, the job search and talent search are more convenient than ever,” explains Elaine Theriault-Currier, development coordinator at Central Maine Growth Council. “By virtue of its online location, Maine Virtual Job Fair allows recruiters and job-seekers to connect from the office, home, library, or dorm, and employers with multiple branches can market all open positions rather than those local to a specific region.”

The Maine Virtual Job Fair web page (www.centralmaine.org/maine-virtual-job-fair) is the portal to connect employers and job-seekers. Participating employers’ profiles will be posted prior to May 7 for browsing; each profile will include a link to the employers’ own video chatroom. On May 7, job-seekers and students will click on the link of the employers in which they are interested and begin a conversation.

The concept for the innovative Maine Virtual Job Fair was borne within the context of Maine’s workforce shortage, currently yielding a 3.4% unemployment rate. The shortage presents several challenges for employers: most of Maine’s workforce is currently working, making it difficult to attend workforce recruitment fairs, and many businesses are too understaffed to devote a portion of their day to those fairs.

Yet, the difficulty of finding employees has widened employers’ scope to include markets and audiences not previously targeted, particularly those potential employees still in school. High schools, colleges, and universities throughout Maine are invited to connect with employers through the video chat platform. Students may explore career paths, learn how their course concepts are applied in the real world, and inquire about job openings for current and graduating students.

For those without access to internet or computers, Central Maine Growth Council has partnered with a statewide network of libraries and CareerCenters to bring Maine Virtual Job Fair to all interested job-seekers. Call 207-680-7300 for a list of participating service centers.

Interested job-seekers may browse the current openings listed on the Maine Virtual Job Fair web page, keeping in mind that they will be updated frequently up until May 7, and sign up for updates. Employers interested in participating in the fair may find registration information on the web page, and they are welcome to contact Elaine Theriault-Currier at developmentcoordinator@centralmaine.org or 207-680-7300 for further details.

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