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5 Questions with Whitney Raymond

February 6, 2023

Whitney Raymond
VP of Communications
Marshall Communications

What marketing tools can existing businesses and startups leverage by using LinkedIn?

During the presentation, I plan to talk through how LinkedIn serves as a marketing tool in and of itself—everything from connecting and networking with prospective and current partners, clients,  colleagues, and even potential employees, to leveraging professional endorsements. 

When posting on LinkedIn, it’s important for existing businesses and start-ups to share content that positions them as experts in their field and encourage their connections to know, like, and trust them. This could include relevant owned blog content, news/articles from credible sources (where they are featured or applicable to their field), accolades, etc.  

What are common mistakes companies make when trying to market their product or service?

One of the most common mistakes companies make when trying to market their products or services is to not lay the groundwork before doing so. Identifying top goals of the business first and foremost, followed by identifying the target audiences, is crucial in developing the most effective messaging and method to reach each audience.  

Tracking the results of what you’re doing can be challenging, but important in determining what’s working and what isn’t. What are your KPIs? What signifies a success? 

How can businesses track their marketing reach using LinkedIn?

Establishing what your goals are for being active on the professional social networking platform is a good place to start in knowing if using it as a marketing tool is beneficial. Are you hoping to achieve additional connections? Are you looking to recruit qualified employees? Jotting down what’s important will help determine tracking efforts.

What forms of media are most effective to leverage on LinkedIn to grow a business’s following?

Sharing credible industry-specific articles and content is the most effective way to encourage those to grow, like, and trust businesses and organizations wanting to grow their following. Take advantage of tagging high-profile individuals and trending hashtags to enable your content to be more widely seen (LinkedIn suggests relevant hashtags when you’re making a post, making this quick and easy to do).

Photos/short videos/infographics continue to be a great, visual way to stand out in the LinkedIn feed.

What information should a business or startup market to prospective customers or clients?

In addition to the news/articles, accolades, and content mentioned above, share the story of the business, your products/services, testimonials/success stories, and anything that makes you different! As with other social media platforms, there is a balance between posting “salesy” content with helpful other content to keep your connections engaged.


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