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5 Questions with Chris MacKenzie

June 1, 2022

Chris MacKenzie
VP of Business Development
STARC Systems

1. How has your experience in sales informed STARC’s direction and commercial success?

Probably the number one attribute was the sales ability to elevate the current inconvenience (pain) of using traditional temporary containment practices … In other words, converting, what was perceived to be a ‘necessary evil’ to an unnecessary inconvenience – of which, there was a better, more economical and environmentally friendly solution. Whenever a seller can create an understanding that the total costs of alleviating the inconvenience is less than the true cost of the inconvenience itself, you are now engaged in meaningful conversation – for both parties. 

2. What are the different use cases for STARC Systems’ temporary containment systems?

The primary use of our System is the efficient ability to prevent dust, debris, noise and potential deadly particulates from emanating throughout a healthcare facility during occupied renovation…replacing a decades old practice of actually building a wall from scratch. Additionally, contractors are learning that the same System does not have merits ONLY in Healthcare, but for renovation projects in colleges, airports, office buildings, data centers – and anywhere contractors wish to conceal messy renovation projects. 

3. STARC Systems has worked with healthcare clients in all 50 states, including Canada and Australia. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected STARC’s growth strategy?

The versatility and efficiency of STARC Systems ‘quick deployment’ for physical separation had a profound impact in the Healthcare industry, and in turn, us as well. Infection prevention professionals quickly determined STARC Systems was an exceptional and efficient way to create negative pressure isolation ‘rooms’ without the necessity of any permanent construction – and permanently altering a room, lobby or any public area. Entire wings of a facility were able to be quickly cordoned off for Covid-specific purposes – while protecting other employees and patients. Within 30 days, we relocated our entire manufacturing facility form a 25,000 SF facility to a 50,000 SF former airplane hangar while starting a second shift to keep up production with demand. 

4. What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to STARC Systems as it has continued to grow?

The Maine Technology Institute has been an incredible source of support, fincial and advice….The folks and facilities at Brunswick Landing are irreplaceable/incredible for the standpoint of services and  facilities (We started at TechPlace with just 3 of us and are now in an incredible manufacturing facility without ever having to depart The Landing). Our Investors from Blue Heron Group provided us financial assistance for accelerated growth while also supplying great minds for advice and coaching. 

5. STARC Systems has recently grown to occupy a 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Brunswick. What does growth look like for STARC in the next few years?

Despite our year of year growth, and being a 3 Year Member of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, recent research indicates that 87% of the defined Market that could use STARC Systems, still are not aware of our existence. Match that with a recent arrangement with Sunbelt Rentals (a $9B Rental Organization) – we have astronomical expectations of our growth in the next few years. 

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Last modified: June 1, 2022

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