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5 Questions with Trevor Ruggiero

December 27, 2021

Trevor Ruggiero,
Looma LLC.

What design services does Looma provide to the life science industry?

We help our clients by solving their hardest mechanical engineering challenges. We do this through a combination of understanding the theory, testing, and analysis using first principles thinking, and creative design. Using this approach we are able to help clients in all fields of the health science industry

How have you integrated your passion for entrepreneurship with your background in product design and engineering? 

Working as a consultant has been a great way to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my engineering background. Most of our clients are early-phase companies trying to navigate the startup world. We get to be an integral part of their team and play a role in building their company. 

What is Looma’s product development strategy, and how does it assist professionals in mitigating challenges related to clinical trials and manufacturing?

Our product development strategy is to start with the hardest problems first and work to uncover issues as early as possible. This approach helps to ensure that surprise problems do not arise during clinical trials or pilot manufacturing phases when they are costly to fix. 

What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to Looma as it has continued to grow? 

When establishing Looma the folks at Maine & Co were extremely helpful. Relying on my existing network from my previous career as a consultant was also instrumental in getting Looma started.

What are your plans for growth within the next few years?

Our plan is to grow Looma organically, adding talent and tools as our client list grows. Over the next few years, we plan to add several engineers to the team, continue to invest in our in-house manufacturing capabilities, and expand our network. 

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