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5 Questions with Kerry Gallivan

September 27, 2021

Kerry Gallivan,
Founder, Chimani

1. What inspired you to create Chimani and how does the platform interact with users?

It may be hard to imagine for some people, but back when smartphones were not very common I saw the need to create a robust mobile app that had high-quality content and worked without a cell phone connection. Chimani’s mission has always been to help people have positive experiences while exploring the outdoors.

2. What geographical information can users find in Chimani and how does the platform benefit national parks and ecotourism for communities?

Chimani provides detailed travel guides for 64 of the most visited national parks in the US, Canada, and the UK. In October, we’ll be releasing state-wide outdoor recreational guides for California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, New Hampshire, Vermont, and of course Maine.

3. What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to Chimani as it has continued to grow? 
Building a long-term partnership with Subaru of America has been a cornerstone of our success. As well as strong relationships with Apple and Ford Motor Company.

4. What challenges do travelers currently face when wanting to explore our great outdoor areas and national parks, and how does Chimani assist in mitigating those challenges?

Due to the pandemic, the parks are incredibly overcrowded. Chimani not only helps people better manage the experience but also discover the less-known parks. There are so many amazing parks around throughout the country, not just the most visited national parks, so our goal is to help people discover them.

5. In your Network Tech Talk this month, you will be speaking about how Chimani was created. What are your plans for growth within the next few years? 

This fall we will be releasing our biggest update ever for our Apple app. With this update, the focus will be more on helping people easily discover all types of parks – not just national parks. Our Pokémon Go-like gamification, which is our most popular feature, will be improved to help people track their visits better, and we’ll be expanding our guides to include state-wide outdoor recreational guides. Lastly, we’ll continue to build on our partnership with Subaru and the emerging in-vehicle mobile app experience. 

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Last modified: September 27, 2021

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