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5 Questions with Chip Terry

July 8, 2021

Chip Terry,
Co-Founder and CEO, BlueTrace

What challenges do aquaculture farmers currently face, and how does BlueTrace assist in mitigating those challenges?

Farmers/harvesters face a ton of challenges, but 3 big ones stand out–and they are all inter-related.  

1) Labor costs:  This runs  to roughly 70% of the average aquaculture operation.

2) Crop loss:  The average oyster farm will lose ~40% of their crop from the time they put it in the water to the time they harvest it.

3) Regulatory Compliance/Food Safety:  Way too many people get sick from eating oysters and that has led to a lot of regulations.  We help shellfish harvesters and dealers comply with those regulations.

How does BlueTrace help aquaculture farmers stay compliant?

We have a cloud based solution that lets harvesters and dealers print out tags and transfer key information through the supply chain.  So things like harvest area, icing times, and quantities are passed seamlessly in a chain that is often 5-7 steps.

What is BlueTrace’s “Tide to Table” story and how does it help restaurants learn more about the product they are consuming?

Using a QR code on the shellfish tags, chefs, shuckers, and end consumers can learn the story behind the food: Who grew it?  How did they do it? What will it taste like? ….

What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to BlueTrace as it has continued to grow?

Maine Venture Fund, CEI, Maine Technology Institute, Maine Aquaculture Association, and a ton of other folks have been hugely helpful.  We are lucky to have such a supportive network in Maine. 

What are your plans for growth within the next few years?

We have a lot of headroom in the shellfish space–particularly up the supply chain.  The adjacent areas in seafood are a likely expansion point.  


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Last modified: July 15, 2021

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