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5 Questions with Luke Thomas

April 2, 2021

Luke Thomas, Founder of Friday.app

What differentiates Friday from other workforce management platforms?

Friday is like an operating system that makes it easier to work from anywhere. There’s plenty of the tools that make it easier to jump on video calls or chat with coworkers. Friday is about helping you create a better process to the way that you work. 

Most of the forward-thinking remote companies have all hand-built their own internal tool to try to solve this problem. Friday is a solution that any team or company can roll out in a few minutes. You don’t need to hire a team of engineers to build it.

As remote work becomes the new normal for many, how does Friday aim to improve communication and workflow for users? Similarly, what challenges do remote workers currently face, and how will Friday.app assist in mitigating those challenges?

The biggest challenge for individuals is staying productive and reducing burnout. When you work remotely, everything flows together and there’s not a lot of definition to your day. That’s why we’ve built a digital daily planner to help you roadmap your day and better spend your time.

For teams, the #1 challenge is that they are spending more time in meetings. While meetings aren’t a bad thing, too many meetings is a huge pain. That’s why we’ve built a way to streamline and automate routine updates. It helps everyone understand what’s going on. Teams who use Friday share updates before they meet. Oftentimes, they find that they don’t need the meeting at all!

What is a feature of Friday.app that you enjoy and feel has personally improved your workflow?

I’m a big fan of the daily planner as it helps me better allocate my time and finish my work with a feeling of accomplishment. As a CEO, I love getting updates from the team about what they are working on without having a meeting. It gives me a lot more time to focus.

What resources, partners, and companies have been helpful to Friday.app as it has continued to grow?

Maine Technology has helped since the early days. I enjoy syncing up with fellow founders, advisors, and investors. It’s fun to be surrounded by really smart people that force you to level-up your thinking and execution.

After closing on $2.1 million in seed funding, how does Friday.app plan to grow in the future?

These days, we’re spending quite a bit of time on product development, but we’ll be ramping up sales and marketing in the future. The goal is to get Friday in as many organizations as possible!

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Last modified: June 7, 2021

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