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5 Questions with Nick Rimsa

July 4, 2019

You are currently working on several software projects, but you started your career trading stocks. How and why did you transition? 

Nick Rimsa,
Co-Creator of Eariously

I saw firsthand how software was so meaningfully affecting financial services, so I left my job after a year to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. When I returned, I realized I had always loved making things. (Our mom has always been an entrepreneurial crafter and maker.) I found software to be an ideal medium to affect change and solve problems.

Tell us a bit about your current software design-related projects.

Eariously turns digital text (like websites, emails, articles, PDFs, images) into audio for you to listen to on your phone or laptop. While we’re bootstrapping Eariously, we formed a new Maine-based business called Move Slow and Learn Things to build software and websites for folks and businesses around Maine. My teammates and I also work closely with a number of student entrepreneurs from the area in concert with RJ Anzelc at Bricks Coworking.

There’s an education component to a lot of your work. How would you describe your teaching style, and how is it informed by your entrepreneurship?

The best creators I know are constantly experimenting. So, while I think learning theoretically has a place foundationally, application-based learning is essential. Learning, too, should be accessible and enjoyable. To me, this means stripping the codes, customs, and traditions that so often accompany academia. Most importantly, students and instructors are equals.

What are a few entrepreneurship resources, local to Waterville or Maine, that have been indispensable to you?

SCORE Portland for their free mentorship program. The Waterville Public Library for their inter-library loan system. Bricks Coworking, where our team works with some awesome humans. The Mid-Maine Chamber and the Central Maine Growth Council for all of their invaluable networking help. The Startup Maine team for creating the best tech conference I’ve ever been to. Also, Lisa Noble [ Colby College ] and Mike Duguay [ Thomas College ] for all of their guidance.

If our subscribers wanted to sign up for Eariously (to listen to CMGC Intelligence!), how would they do so?

Our team is currently testing Eariously with a few hundred folks, and we’d love for you to signup to start listening to things later this year when we release our software to the public.

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