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2019 SkillsUSA Maine State Championships Results Announced

March 11, 2019

WATERVILLE, MARCH 11 – On March 8 and 9, 2019, fifty-three students from Mid-Maine Technical Center competed in thirty-one competitions at the SkillsUSA Championships. The competitions were hosted by Eastern Maine Community College and United Technology Center in Bangor. Over nine hundred students representing twenty-three Career and Technical schools throughout the State participated in the SkillsUSA Championships. The SkillsUSA Championships is sponsored annually by the Maine Chapter of SkillsUSA. The Gold Medal winners will represent the State of Maine in the National SkillsUSA Championships, which will be held June 24-28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.

State Gold Medalists:

⋅Sabrina Hinkledire & Dakota Libby, Waterville Senior High, Audio/Radio Production
⋅Parker Brunelle, Messalonskee High, Cabinet making
⋅Noah Morissette, Winslow High, Information Technology
⋅Bryce Scott, Lawrence High, Job Interview
⋅Hunter Dusoe & TJ Petrillo, Lawrence High & Messalonskee High, Mobile Robotics

State Silver Medalists:

⋅Ariana Znajmiecka, Waterville Senior High, Auto Collision Damage Appraisal
⋅Kayla Brown, Lawrence High, Job Skill Demonstration
⋅Zachary Hartt & Kody King, Lawrence High & Messalonskee High, Mobile Robotics

State Bronze Medalists:

⋅Clayton Hoyle & Gage Johnson, Messalonskee High & Lawrence High, Audio/Radio Production
⋅Isaac Klein, home school, Automotive Collision Refinishing
⋅Ryan Plante, Messalonskee High, Automotive Collision Repair
⋅Noah Cummings, Messalonskee High, Cabinet making
⋅Jackson Fortin, Lawrence High, Carpentry Knowledge Test
⋅Lily Foster, Waterville Senior High, Early Childhood Education
⋅Cassidy Day, Messalonskee High, Medical Math
⋅Iva Genest, Lawrence High, Nurse Assisting

Additional Competitors:

Nick Alexander Messalonskee Photography
Devin Bettencourt Winslow Precision Machining
Ethan Burton Messalonskee EMT
Alfred Cochrane Lawrence Firefighting
Ethan Cochrane Lawrence Related Tech Math
Dean Cubbin Maine Academy of Natural Sciences Criminal Justice
Alex Demers Winslow Related Tech Math
Roslin Desiderio Messalonskee TV/Video Production
Lindsey Dore Home School Digital Cinema Production
Hannah Dow Home School Commercial Baking
Nicholas Gage Waterville Automotive Service Technology
Dylan Hardenburg Lawrence EMT
Dan Henderson Messalonskee Automotive Tool ID
Markiana Hewett Messalonskee Medical Terminology
Shelby Hoffman Messalonskee Wedding Cake
Landon Hotham Winslow Urban Search and Rescue
Jennasea Hubbard Waterville Firefighting
Desiree Loring Waterville Culinary Arts
Dan Miller Messalonskee Precision Machining
Molly Milligan Messalonskee TV/Video Production
Hailey Moore Messalonskee Digital Cinema Production
Gabe Moumouris Winslow Urban Search and Rescue
Lucas Pelotte Waterville TV/Video Production
Sam Pike Waterville Urban Search and Rescue
Braden Rayborn Winslow Electrical Construction Wiring
Jenna Ross Winslow Criminal Justice
Hunter Roy Lawrence Carpentry
Isaiah Shuman Lawrence Electrical Construction Wiring
Keisha Small Lawrence Wedding Cake
Gage Vaughan Winslow Urban Search and Rescue
Alison Weiner Waterville Medical Math
Caleb Welsh Winslow Automotive MLR
Matt White Lawrence CNC Technician

Last modified: March 12, 2019

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